Epping Good Honey Tasting and Masterclass April 25th 7:30pm

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Join Clare from Epping Good Honey for a tasting session and a chat about all things bees. Learn why we need them, what goes into artisan honey production (and what doesn’t!)

We are delighted to run this event as a very long time stockist and consumer of their bees beautiful honey.


More info on Epping Good Honey…

We are small batch producers of premium seasonal raw honey harvested by hand from our hives tended in Epping Forest and the local surrounding area. Our honeybees are free to forage in wild ancient woodland and local gardens alike, to make multifloral honey with award winning seasonal flavour, which changes as the year turns.
This surprisingly simple concept brings with it both clarity of colour and complexity of taste, which has been rewarded with success at The National Honey Show for several consecutive years and enjoyed by our many returning customers at local markets, as well as on stockists’ shelves and in top chef’s seasonal menus.
We only take the honey if there is enough for the bees to give and take care to manage our small number of hives in an ethical and sustainable way. All our honey is simply raw poured and gravity filtered to retain its optimum original state when jarred. We hope you enjoy the simple natural tastes that ever changing seasonal forage brings. Each small batch has unique tasting notes for you to savour.
Let’s eat the seasons with the bees!
Ian & Clare Nichols


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