The Garden

Our urban garden has been an ongoing experiment to see what we can grow in our organic little patch. In 2021 we harvested grapes for wine, tomatoes for salads, squash, courgettes for quiches and tarts as well as a lot of herbs and chillies. As restrictions have eased throughout late 2021 and 2022, we are welcoming people back into the garden and donated some of our planters to the local primary school.

We have seating in the sun (when it shines) and a covered area for rainy days.

We felt honoured to be a part of Dan Barber’s Kitchen Farming Project in 2020 and have also experimented with some Row 7 seeds. The garden is a place for people to stop and pause with a coffee, let the kids have a look and see what’s growing and to continue the conversation about our food and drink and where is comes from.